A city cannot be great without a great library. The Huntsville Library Foundation's mission is to advocate for the library and to acquire resources that enhance the library’s value to the community.

Photo: making out a check to the library Photo of Bill Bryson speaking at the 2010 Vive le Livre Photo of artwork at the Main Library Photo from the 2010 Vive le Livre Photo of author Eric Jerome Dickey readcing at the library

Cocktail Party and Book Signing with Dr. D.P. Lyle at character "Dub Walker's" House

Join the Huntsville Library Foundation on Friday, August 26th at 6:30 p.m. for a cocktail party and book signing at the mountaintop home of Dr. D.P. Lyle's main character, Dub Walker!!  (or at least the house that inspired the writer!)

Tickets are $40.00 per person; get yours online! Read more »

Book Club Registry

I love a good book!  A good book transports you, soothes you, fires you up and makes you laugh and cry.  You can often "hear me" reading a book, as I have a tendency to talk back to the main characters, or giggle or yell - whichever is appropriate to the situation.  Reading is a source of great joy for me!  Of course, another great joy of mine is talking!!  So when I joined my first book club, I realized I could have two of my favorite things at the same time.  I could read and then talk about the book I had just read. 

A book club is a collection of readers who participate in the regular discussion of books.  It doesn't matter what you read, how often you meet or who is in the group.  All that matters is that you read, get together and then discuss.  Book clubs meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all times in between.  They can be with life-long friends, neighbors, co-workers or strangers who become friends.

The Huntsville Library Foundation wants to support our local book clubs.  The Foundation is starting a registry of all books clubs in Madison County and the surrounding areas to help keep you up to date on literary news and events of interest at the Library.  Your information will not be shared with anyone outside the Foundation.  Plus.... there's a prize involved!  All book clubs that register with the Foundation prior to September 1st will be entered into a drawing to win dinner in a private home for up to 12 for a book club meeting.**  So click on the tab marked "Book Club Registry" and sign up! 

  Read more »

Mark your Calendar for the Vive le Livre 25th Anniversary featuring Scott Turow

This year marks a milestone for the Huntsville Library Foundation's annual Vive le Livre!  On November 3rd, Vive is turning 25!  The HLF is proud to announce best-selling author and attorney, Scott Turow as our featured guest for this very special occasion! Read more »

Scott Turow

Murder & Mayhem with Jefferson Bass, authors of the Body Farm series

I admit it!  I love the show CSI: New York.  It is a group of "forensic investigators who use high-tech science to follow the evidence and solve crimes in the big apple."  Plus, the actors are cute and there's a strong Southern woman as one of the main characters!  Now, I have the chance to learn what really happens behind the scenes in forensic science and investigation from the bestselling author Jefferson Bass, the writing team of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson.  (www.jeffersonbass.com) Read more »

"A Walk in the City"

If we are fortunate, sometimes we get to look at the familiar from a new perspective.  Last week I was able to do that by having a lovely walk and lunch with this year's Vive le Livre Author, Bill Bryson.  It was Veteran's Day and the parade was going on downtown, so Mr. Bryson and I walked to lunch along the parade route.  How amazing to see families, young and old, who had come out to support those who work to maintian our freedom, to follow along behind the marching band as they played patriotic tunes, and to watch our veterans be applauded as they walked the parade route.  We ate outside and talked about how planting roots are important to each of us and about how great the chicken salad and fried chicken were! Read more »

Drink from the fire hydrant

On August 30th, I started a new journey at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library as the Foundation Development Director.  What a mouthful!  For two weeks I have been "drinking from the fire hydrant," learning all I can.  I thought I knew a lot about the library!  My family and I have been patrons of the library for years.  My children have grown up going to story time, learning computer skills on the fun games at the library computers, and now researching term papers and checking out books on their own.  Both my daughters can spend hours looking for and reading books in the library and my son thinks it is cool to check out books.  Boy was I wrong!  There is so much more going on at the library than I ever imagined! Read more »

Triana Public Library Fire Fund

The Triana Public Library was destroyed by fire the night of September 20, 2009.  The library is a total loss from smoke, water, and fire damage—including all of the books and computer equipment it contained.  As a result, children and job-seekers have lost not just books, but computer and Internet access. 


Buy a book for your library!

A $25 donation places a book on our shelves, complete with bookplate honoring someone you care about.

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