Madison Public Library

Madison Public Library has continued to serve the City of Madison for nearly 40 years. Population explosions in the area have forced the library to move twice already. The current library location was built in 1997 to serve a population of about 25,000 people; that population has now doubled, and the library cannot effectively serve its patrons in the existing small space and limited technology.

Madison Public Library at a Glance

This infographic helps illustrate how essential the Madison Public Library is to the City of Madison community.

The Need 

madisonlibrary_0.jpgMadison Public Library is in the heart of Midtown Madison and serves as a hub of community activity for the growing city. It is second only to the Downtown Huntsville Library in terms of circulation, but at 15,000-square-feet, it exists in a building a fraction of Downtown’s size. 

  • Served City of Madison since 1978; at current location since 1997 

  • Serves 17,400 households

  • Provides 600,000 items per year in circulation 

  • 13 public schools in close proximity

  • Issues over 4100 library cards each year

  • Second highest circulation of materials in HMCPL system

The Solution

The City of Madison has committed to an $8.5 million bond to build a new library in the Midtown Madison area adjacent to the old Kroger shopping center. This new building will be bigger and will feature more STEAM technology as well as a public movie viewing area in the outdoor space behind the facility. Download a fact sheet about the Madison Library Project here.

Conceptual drawing of new Madison Public Library

You can help keep Madison County great.

The oldest library in Alabama, HMCPL is #1 in circulation, program attendance and volunteer hours out of all public libraries in the state. However, HMCPL ranks as #128 in library funding. In order to continue our standard of excellence and continual improvement for Madison County residents, we rely on private contributions from individuals, civic organizations and corporations to continue our mission.

Madison Capital Campaign 

Total Project Estimate: $10.2M 

City of Madison Investment: $8.5M 

Madison County Investment: TBD 

Community Fundraising Goal: $1.7M

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