North Huntsville Library

The Bessie K. Russell Branch Library (BKR) has supported the North Huntsville community for over 40 years with a strong tradition of excellence, but its mission effectiveness is diminished by aging and cramped facilities. Huntsville has grown and improved, and it is time to invest now in the future of the North Huntsville area with a 21st-century library.

Bessie K. Russell Branch Library at a Glance

This infographic helps illustrate how essential the Bessie K. Russell Branch Library is to the North Huntsville community.

The Need 

Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of why a new library is so necessary for North Huntsville.


BKR is currently housed in a 1700-square-foot double-wide trailer, inadequate for serving a community of this size and diversity.

  • Served North Huntsville since 19755359 BKR exterior_0.jpg
  • Serves 13,700 households
  • 10 public schools in close proximity
  • Provides 60,000+ times per year in circulation
  • Issues over 700 library cards each year
  • Fourth highest computer usage in HMCPL system

The Solution

Our plan is to move the existing BKR library into the Berachah Center next door, which is getting a major upgrade and will serve as a town center for the North Huntsville area. The police and fire training academy currently at the Berachah Center will move into the J.O. Johnson High School campus when the high school relocates this year. The gymnasium at the Berachah building will remain for community use. Download the New North Huntsville Library fact sheet here.

  • 16,000-square-foot facility is 10 times larger 
  • Part of the town center (currently in development) located at 3011 Sparkman Drive 
  • Will not replace the Showers Center Library
NH Library - Render 2.0 WEB.jpg
Conceptual drawing of the renovated Berachah building and North Huntsville Public Library

You can help keep Madison County great.

The oldest library in Alabama, HMCPL is #1 in circulation, program attendance and volunteer hours out of all public libraries in the state. However, HMCPL ranks as #128 in library funding. In order to continue our standard of excellence and continual improvement for Madison County residents, we rely on private contributions from individuals, civic organizations and corporations to continue our mission.


North Huntsville Capital Campaign 

Total Project Estimate: $4.5M 

City of Huntsville Investment: $2M 

Community Fundraising Goal: $2.5M 

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